Original Case: 1:22-cv-00048

Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals
Case #: 0:23-ss-40670
Typesocial security / united states
Nature of Suit863 Social Security - DIWC/DIWW (405(g))
Case Filed:Nov 22, 2023
Last checked: Friday Nov 24, 2023 2:16 AM CST
Rossel Abelardo Gomez
Represented By
Rossel Abelardo Gomez
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Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of Social Security
Represented By
Kendall Morrison Rees
Social Security Administration
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Docket last updated: 11/24/2023 2:16 AM CST
Wednesday, November 22, 2023
SOCIAL SECURITY CASE docketed. NOA filed by Appellant Mr. Rossel Abelardo Gomez. 23-40670 (DLJ)
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